As you all know Dede, my lovely girlfriend, is deep in the jungles of uncharted India (think Jungle Book!) and has no access to any form of technology… Okay JKs she’s in a hotel in Jaipur, pretty big city, and is having internet connectivity issues, she’ll most likely be blogging tomorrow (which is actually today for her). But in the meantime she asked me to do the honor of a GUEST POST!

Since Dede’s command of the English language is far superior to my mediocre rambling, I will keep this quite brief to avoid tarnishing this sacred realm.

A final note. Today as I labored at Kings Toyota, I saw my girlfriend’s Jeep Grand Cherokee being towed through the Automall. (yes I know it was Dee’s because of that beautiful dent on the side, placed lovingly by her sister Lauren :P) So what’s up with that?

Anyway, be steadfast in checking the blog peeps, Dede will update us all about her adventures very soon!

Guest post by:  Ben Crist (boyfriend!)

Published by deannapan

I'm a journalist who specializes in education, race and social justice reporting.

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  1. Dd!!! Mamma just read me your most recent email. I will do some research about the surge protector. Love u!!

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